Powered Pallet Truck

· Rated Capacity 2000 kg
· 24 Volt system using Curtis SepEx transistorised control system with Multi Mode allows infinite control of functions
· Heavy Duty 24V DC Drive Motor with sealed bearings provides a powerful traction system.
· Super Quiet ZF Direct Drive Transmission with large roller bearing is oiled for life
· SepEx control system provides smooth acceleration and energy saving dynamic braking.
· The drive motor, transmission, brakes and drive wheel are coupled to the all new DURA Control Handle.
· The complete Drive and Steering system is securely mounted within the all truck chassis for maximum protection.
· Benefits include smooth speed response, increased usable battery energy per charge and extended motor life
· Built-in battery charger
· Rider platform with padded, locking safety arms
· Dynamic Braking
· Belly button reversing switch
· Ergonomic DURA full function control handle
· Safe butterfly type speed controls
· Deadman braking applies brake and cuts power
· Wrap around hand guards
· Emergency power disconnect
· Key lock safety ignition
· Electronic overload protection
· Hydraulic overload protection
· Low speed select switch in handle