Straddle Stacker - Heavy Duty

· Rated Capacities: 1300 kg, 1500 kg and 2000 kg
· Lift Heights from 2.5m to 6.0m
· Advanced SepEx 24V DC Drive Motor with sealed bearings
· heavy duty commutator and stainless steel brush holders provides a powerful traction control system.
· Super Quiet ZF Direct Drive Transmission with large roller bearing is oiled for life.
· SepEx control system provides smooth acceleration and energy saving dynamic braking.
· Travel speeds are virtually constant even driving up or down an incline regardless of the load.
· The drive motor, transmission, brakes and drive wheel are all controlled by the new DURA Control Handle.
· The new innovative design power steering provides PYTHON with positive but effortless steering.
· The complete Drive and Steering system is securely mounted within the all steel truck chassis for maximum protection.
· The all new "Brilliant by Design" chassis incorporates the very latest Laser Lock technology.
· Cut from Australian steel by computer generated Laser beams the interlocking chassis system is exceptionally strong.
· Special I Beam Mast Section provides strength and rigidity.
· Straddles and Mast are integrally welded steel structures built to take severe use by distributing stresses.
· 24V system powered by either a 290AH or 511AH Traction Battery.
· The Curtis SepEx transistorised programmable Control System with Multimode allows infinite control of all machine functions.
· Benefits include smooth speed response, increased usable battery energy per charge, extended motor life and regenerative braking.
· Multimode allows parameters for acceleration, deceleration and current limits to be set for both operating modes.
· Direction, Horn and Lift / Lower Controls are housed in the new DURA Control Handle.
· Dash mounted Key lock ignition and emergency stop switch.
· Multi function diagnostic gauge with lift lock out displays the machine hours, service status and available battery power.


· Certified to operate from tropical to cold room conditions
· Dynamic regenerative braking
· Power Steering
· Clear view mast
· Belly button reversing switch
· No Slip Safety Ramp Start
· Ergonomically safe butterfly type speed controls
· Deadman braking applies brake and cuts power
· Wrap around hand guards
· Emergency power disconnect
· Key lock safety ignition
· Electronic overload protection
· Hydraulic overload protection
· Automatic high speed cutout when forks are raised above 1800mm
· Easily accessible Low speed select switch on console
· Multi function diagnostic gauge with lift lockout